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Spring 2019

  • Monday ,     March - June 2019 ::      Room A307      ::   16:15 - 19:00



  • Final (take home) exam     ::     Due by Tuesday, June 25, 23:59
    Answer all questions. All answers must be type in. Good luck !




  • The main objective of the course is to introduce fundamental techniques for constructing and solving dynamic-stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models.

    The course begins with the basic RBC (Real Business cycle) model---the cornerstone for most modern macroeconomic business cycle models. The model (and its extension) will be used to illustrate the concept of equilibrium, market completeness, and solution techniques. It will also be used to show some properties of the business cycles as well as its implications for asset prices and macroeconomic policy.

    The second part of the course introduces the overlapping generation (OLG) model - the second major workhorse of modern macroeconomics - and, if time permits, incomplete markets model in which agents face idiosyncratic and uninsurable labor income risk.